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'Claire Medhurst'

Claire is a married mum to two beautiful girls living a semi rural life in the Surrey Hills. An area of outstanding natural beauty which provides an abundance of inspiration for her art. Artistic from a very young age Claire is predominately self taught, always trying new methods and enjoys learning new techniques when time allows. Claire's artwork uses many different methods in her pieces, including 3D media like crochet and knitting and 2D such as Lino printing and freehand painting. Whilst taking inspiration from her surroundings her work can be quite organic and the finished pieces are often a mix of scenes from actual events captured on a dog walk on drive and her busy imagination, not always knowing what the finished work will look like until complete. Whilst viewing her work you will see lots of pieces made in this way and some which are more bespoke, made to meet client wishes. Commissions can be discussed via the contact page. If you like Claire's work pop along to the 'shop' page to order or click on the 'Facebook' and Instagram' icons to see more pictures. Work in progress, lots more finished pieces and inspiration are updated here on a more daily basis. Thank you for taking the time to view Claire's website.  

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